From "Fourth Annual Report of the New York State Inebriate Asylum", 1866.
The buildings are ventillated (sic) by nine hundred and fifty flues of sufficient capacity to displace the air in the hospital every three minutes. The rooms will be lighted with gas and the buildings are heated by steam with Gold's Patent. The air duct in which the steam pipes are placed for heating is located beneath the corridor floors of the basement, and is seven feet high, nine feet wide and fourteen hundred and fifty-three feet long. All flues in the buildings are constructed in the middle walls and are so arranged as to receive the heat and air from the air duct.

The institution when completed will be divided into ten wards of twenty-two rooms each for patients. These rooms are eleven feet wide, seventeen feet long and twelve feet high. The library room is located in the transept of the west building and is sixty feet long, twenty-eight feet wide and sixteen feet high, with a capacity for accommodating twenty-thousand volumes. The chapel is in the third story of the transept and when finished will seat five hundred persons. Its dimensions are as follows: Eighty-two feet long, thirty-seven feet six inches wide and forty feet high. It is lighted by ten large gothic windows.

The first story of the transept of the west building is divided into four rooms, each room is twenty-eight feet long twenty-four feet wide and fourteen feet high. These are used for the Superintendent's office, sleeping room, trustee room and reception room.