Embroidery Artwork from Binghamton State Hospital
Five works of embroidery art created by a patient at Binghamton State Hospital on or near 1920.
From the collection of the Broome County Historical Society.

Image 2 - Bridge over the Susquehanna

The left side of the image shows a trolley car approaching a bridge. BSH (Binghamton State Hospital), and LOCKPORT (a town in Western New York) appears on the side of the trolley. The following text appears on the stone bridge: “Binghamton State Hospital bricece over the Succohano River and street car lein to Lockport N.Y. Builted in the S H ground below Broadmore.” A road, train and two boats are pictured below the bridge with the following text: “County root,” “City of Binghamton 15 M Slow Taun Court Street,” and “Chicago and Western R.R.R.”
Image 3 - East River and Ward's Island

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