Artwork from the Asylum

Five works of embroidery art created by a patient at Binghamton State Hospital on or near 1920.
References in the images to Joseph Roth seem to indicate that this was either the name of the artist or a name he chose to be identified with. The artist appears to be German and was likely a patient at Manhattan State Hospital at Ward’s Island in New York City prior to his transfer to Broadmoor Hall at Binghamton State Hospital.
The pieces are from the collection of the Broome County Historical Society

Image 1 - Broadmoor and Wagner Hall

This is a view of the northeast corner of the State Hospital Campus showing Broadmoor Hall, male residence built in 1907. To the left is Wagner Hall, female residence built in 1915. The building at the top left corner is Edgewood Tuberculosis Hospital.
The message at the upper right translates as follows:
    Adam and Eva the first persons
    The political delling(?) between heaven and hell, 5500 years after the beginning of the world begins after the first deling(?) to Jerusalem on Monday, August 7, 1893 in the New York State Hospital Asylum at Ward’s Island, and ended the first of April, 1920 in the Binghamton State Hospital at Broadmoor.
    Joseph Roth, the 2nd redeemer of the world, State of New York.
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